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NCDCTA is a member-focused and member-run organization that depends on volunteers!  We encourage you to become involved in any of the many activities we offer. 

NCDCTA Sponsored Shows
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Share the excitement from the inside: 

  • Meet international judges, competitors, and learn how the competitions work.

  • Scribing at a show is a great educational experience to help you improve as a rider! 

  • Help a Junior rider put a winning sash on her horse for the victory gallop! 

  • Participate as a ring steward in order to better understand our sport. 


Promote other Volunteer activities....

Examples include, but are not limited to, writing an article about concepts or knowledge learned at the program, organizing a fundraising event for the scholarship account, etc. Creativity is encouraged.


Professionals please note that contributing your time to provide a clinic or instruction at a fix-a-test for NCDCTA members, utilizing knowledge and skills gleaned during your educational program, is a unique way in which you can fulfill this commitment.

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Volunteer Cards


  1. Volunteer cards may be earned at any NCDCTA recognized competition or NCDCTA sponsored educational activity. Persons willing to volunteer should contact the individual competition/ activity manager. Upon submission of competition results to NCDCTA, show manager will be mailed 5 cards per day of competition (dressage and combined tests) or 10 cards per day of competition (horse trials). It is the competition manager's responsibility to distribute the cards to individuals who have earned them.

  2. For NCDCTA sponsored competitions and activities, there is no cap on card limits. Manager / Organizer will contact Show Recognition Chair with specific card requests within 10 days after the competition/activity. Volunteers who have not received their cards in a timely manner should contact the show manager. Persons serving on the NCDCTA Executive Board are entitled to 6 volunteer cards per year.

  3. Persons submitting articles for the newsletter, pre-assigned by the editor (currently Wendy Cracovia -, are entitled to a full day volunteer card.

  4. Volunteer cards are fully transferable.



  1. NCDCTA Volunteer Cards may be used to register a member's horse for the Horse of the Year awards program. One full day volunteer card per horse must be submitted annually for renewal. Horse to be credited must be marked on the card when submitted to Membership/HOY Secretary.

  2. Volunteer cards may be used in lieu of full or partial audit fee at NCDCTA sponsored educational activities.



Per executive board decision 4/19/07, all expiration dates on volunteer cards are null and void.

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