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Competition Recognition Approval

Event Recognition

Thank you for your interest in NCDCTA recognition of your competition.

By submitting this form you agree to the following:

  • Results must be submitted within 10 business days from the end of your competition or November 20, whichever comes first.

  • Results must be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet, a comma-separated text file, or a ".dat" file (USEF-recognized shows may send their USEF results dat file). A results template can be found at

  • Volunteer card recipients must be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet. A volunteer card spreadsheet can be found at Volunteer cards will only be awarded to active NCDCTA members and will be sent via email from the membership secretary.

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Membership Secretary

NCDCTA competition recognition rules:

  • The NCDCTA competition year runs from November 16 to November 15.

  • The organizer/contact must be an active member of NCDCTA. If your membership lapses, your competition will be removed from the calendar. Memberships expire November 30 of each year (a 30-day grace period will be honored through the end of the calendar year). You will be advised via email when it is time to renew.

  • All competitions of the same discipline that occur on the same day must be at least 50 miles from each other. No exceptions. A nationally recognized dressage show and a dressage schooling show are the same disciplines. NCDCTA will only recognize a complete show (ALL disciples must comply with the 50-mile rule. If one discipline does not comply, NCDCTA will not recognize your competition). Google maps will be used to determine mileage (shortest distance must exceed 50 miles).

  • Volunteer Cards will be issued electronically to active members who volunteer. Dressage shows will be entitled to "5" volunteer cards for each day of competition. Horse Trials will be entitled to "10" volunteer cards for each day of competition.

  • Fees - North Carolina competitions will be charged $20 per competition. All other competitions will be charged $30 per competition.

  • Payment - Accepted via Paypal after submitting your form. Competitions will not be listed on the NCDCTA calendar until payment is received.

  • Cancellation - Please advise the membership secretary of any competition cancellation ( A fee can be rolled over to another date within the same season in the case of an "act of God" (hurricane, snowstorm heavy rain, etc.). No other refunds or substitutions allowed.

  • Competitions will be issued a unique NCDCTA competition number. Please include that number as part of any communication regarding that show.

  • Upon receipt of your competition results and volunteer card recipients you will be eligible to renew your competition for the following year.

NCDCTA Recog. Rules
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