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Junior Show Scholarship Application

NCDCTA provides scholarships to Junior/Young Riders at our licensed competitions:

  • Capital Dressage Classic (due 4/20/24)

  • Labor of Love (due TBA)

  • Harvest Moon (due TBA)

  • Autumn Leaves (due TBA)

Each scholarship will cover the cost of four classes and one stall. This application, due by the show's opening date, will be randomly selected. Applicants do not need to be NCDCTA members.


Jennifer Flowers

To be eligible, applicants must indicate enthusiasm, thoughtfulness in the application, and dedication to competition as part of ongoing education in dressage. All qualified applicants will be put into a pool for each show. Winners will be drawn at random. Winners will be ineligible for other scholarships in that competition year unless there are fewer new applicants than slots to be filled.


Recipients will be responsible for the cost of classes beyond four, as well as the office fee, the USEF drug fee, and any other applicable fees, including but not limited to the USDF/GAIG qualifying fee and non-member fees. Decisions and entry procedures will be announced before the show's closing date. Within a reasonable time after the show each scholarship recipient is expected to submit a short article and photo of their experience for the newsletter.

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