Minutes - NCDCTA Board of Directors

May 3, 2022

Meeting Called to order by Lynn Kerin at 5:59 PM on May 3, 2022

Monthly Meeting and Annual Board Retreat


Board Members in attendance were Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll. Heather Turner, Jessica Brown, Charlotte Meli, Emme Johnston, Amy Brumbach, Alex Martini and Tonya Bruno. Will Barrus also attended. Absent from the meeting were Jennifer Flowers and Rebecca Mahaffey. 


Current membership numbers for 5/2/2022


Adult Amateur: 355

Jr/YR: 99

Open: 119

Total Members: 573


Paid Horses: 274

Volunteer Card Horses: 81

Total Horses: 355


New Business

Lynn Kerin President

The June NCDCTA Show (Capital Dressage Classic) is scheduled for the first weekend of June. Lynn asks that all Board Members commit to attending at least part of the Show. She is going to get with Janine Malone who is helping run the show to determine where Board Member help is needed to determine a schedule of help needed. Charlotte Meli is going to get name tags for our Board Members so we are identifiable to attendees. 


Heather Turner, Treasurer

Heather and Alex Martini (Communication Chair) presented the results of the Membership Survey related to the Newsletter. We had 120 respondents to the Survey from current Members. The results are as follows:

Switching to Digital only, 69% approve

Switching to a Quarterly Newsletter, 92% approve


Alex Martini made a motion to digitally publish the Newsletter on a Quarterly Basis going forward. Heather Turner seconded the Motion and it passed Unanimously with no further discussion. 


May's Newsletter will be the final print Newsletter with quarterly newsletters in February, May, August and November going forward.  Alex and WIll are going to review possible platforms for the digital format that will work with our website.


Stephanie Bristol, Eventing Chair, needs WAR Horse Volunteers to give our ribbons. Will Barrus is providing her with Members who agreed to Volunteer. 

The First WAR Horse is May 14 and 15


Retreat planning:

Helen Ingersoll, Vice President,  reviewed the Guidelines for what is critical for the operation of non profit Boards.

Heather Turner, Treasurer, went through the proposed NCDCTA Fiduciary Responsibility and Fiscal Management policy.

All Board Members are asked to review and send any changes or recommendations to Heather by May 17, 2002. She will then get any revisions out to Board Members to vote at the June 7, 2022 meeting.

Helen Ingersoll then opened conversation into the development of our Mission Statement. After discussion, Helen Ingersoll made a motion to adopt (and Emme Johnston seconded)  the following NCDCTA  Mission Statement:

To educate, promote camaraderie and recognize achievement in Dressage and Eventing. 

The Mission Statement passed on unanimous vote. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 by Lynn Kerin