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NCDCTA Scholarships

Junior/ Young Rider Competition Scholarship Program

Juniors of all levels are encouraged to take advantage of North Carolina's competitive dressage environment, NCDCTA is pleased to offer scholarships to up to four junior riders at each of its four shows! Junior/Young Riders - 21 and under as of December 31.

Each scholarship will cover the cost of four classes and one stall. This application, due by the show's opening date, will be randomly selected. Applicants do not need to be NCDCTA members.


To be eligible, applicants must indicate enthusiasm, thoughtfulness in the application, and dedication to competition as part of ongoing education in dressage. All qualified applicants will be put into a pool for each show. Winners will be drawn at random. Winners will be ineligible for other scholarships in that competition year unless there are fewer new applicants than slots to be filled.


Recipients will be responsible for the cost of classes beyond four, as well as the office fee, the USEF drug fee, and any other applicable fees, including but not limited to the USDF/GAIG qualifying fee and non-member fees. Decisions and entry procedures will be announced before the show's closing date. Within a reasonable time after the show each scholarship recipient is expected to submit a short article and photo of their experience for the newsletter.

NCDCTA Capital Dressage Classic
NCDCTA Harvest Moon
NCDCTA Labor of Love
NCDCTA Autumn Leaves




Jennifer Flowers



Helen Ingersoll

Annual Scholarship Program

NCDCTA awards four $800 educational scholarships yearly to each of the following: Professional, Adult Amateur, Junior, and College. The funds are to be used for furthering member's education and training. Annual Scholarship applications are due annually by November 30.

Scholarships are made available to NCDCTA members who wish to further their training and attain personal goals in the sport.

  • Scholarships must be used to participate in an educational program including, but not limited to, seminars, workshops, clinics, and training programs offered by recognized or certified instructors. Scholarship money may not be used as a travel grant.

  • Funded programs must have a stated objective, must be for the specific purpose of advancing the rider’s knowledge and/or skills, and must have clear start and end dates.

Mission Statement

The NCDCTA Scholarship Program is designed both to help fund educational opportunities for members who have demonstrated a particular commitment to and/or excellence in the sport, as well as to further service and volunteerism within the organization. The program supports qualified members in their educational advancement with the understanding that the membership and sport will benefit as a result of the knowledge and experience gained.


Our Past Junior Show Scholarship ​Winners!


SUMMER HIGHLAND FLING: Lisa Dickerson, Isabel Long, Hayden Lytton, Robert Mones



Capital Dressage Classic: Lisa Dickerson, Katherine Edwards, Grace Rea, Kaylee Fetter

Labor of Love: Rebecca Banta, Anna Godwin, Ciara Henson, Faith Rodems

Harvest Moon: Camyn Huneycutt, Alexandra Gaither, Suzanna Rogers, Hannah Irons

Autumn Leaves: Madison Dwyer, McKenna Shook, Ellie Burton, Katlyn McCoy



Capital Dressage Classic: Ali DiMaggio, Ella Braundel, Alexa Clegg, Iselle Longman

Labor of Love: Ruth Huggins, Mallory James, Dylan Philips, Ciara Henson

Harvest Moon: Luna Barboza, Josephine Sedgley, Sophie Sedgley, Madison Evans

Autumn Leaves: Georgia Brame, Savannah Norman, Nikkole Hoffman, Remi Weiman

Past Winners
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