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Lifetime Achievement Award


2023 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Kay Whitlock

Kay has been a driving force behind dressage as a rider, a licensed level R USEF judge, and a level 4 show manager/ level 3 show secretary in North Carolina.

Kay helped establish the NCDCTA in the 1970’s.  She still holds the NCDCTA membership number 1.  Over the years she held many different positions serving on the NCDCTA Board, a passion that led her to organizing horse shows. Her most notable show is the Mother’s Day horse show at the Pinehurst Harness Track.  Through these shows she was able to raise funds for the facility and the riding arenas.

Among her accolades as a show organizer Kay brought along her OTTB Casey to Grand Prix Dressage, which is no easy feat. 

In her 80s Kay still organizes six recognized USDF/USEF Dressage Shows a year.  We are so fortunate to still have Kay a part of North Carolina Dressage.

Kay Whitlock.png


The beautiful Wiriana, aka Vera, came into my life at Fellowship Farm in 2017.   My dear friend and past assistant trainer, Angela Halloran Smith contacted me regarding needing a retirement place for this lovely mare.   Angela and Vera were both living in Bermuda.  Angela had been teaching Vera's owner and it was time for her to retire from that life and find a last home, not on the island.   


What a blessing for us.  We had no idea what a true  hero Vera was going to turn out to be!  She immediately won our hearts and headed to horse shows with Jr riders gaining them third level scores for bronze medals.  Then she took my assistant Katelyn Young Smith to Regional finals at PSG and Int. 1 with a ribbon in the long line up in the Int 1 finals even blowing a canter pirouette! 


Vera continued to take many Fellowship Farm students to silver medal scores.  I think in total, 6 of our riders have earned scores towards bronze, silver and the start of gold medals on this incredible mare.   


In 2021,  Vera made the NAYC Jr team with Eliza Kirkpatrick.  Vera was 23 years young at this time.  The trip to Michigan was no easy task but she rose to the occasion and was even frisky in the show ring.  The NAYC and the USDF awarded Vera the "Horse Power Award."   The Horse Power Award is given to the horse that stands out from their peers at the Championships.  "The award recognizes an outstanding horse, from any of the championship disciplines, who best demonstrates determination, courage, class, heart and the ability to inspire athletes and spectators alike throughout the competition."


Vera has inspired so many of us to be better athletes and to appreciate every stride these incredible horses give us. 


Thank you Ms. Vera for blessing us with your stellar attitude and athleticism.  We are all truly grateful and better for having you in our lives. Fellowship salutes you on yet another incredible honor under your belt with this well earned Lifetime Achievement Award.   GO VERA GIRL!!!


Wiriana   born 1998.  Sire:  Weltmeyer  Hanoverian,  Bred in Germany, imported to the US in 2002.


2022 NCDCTA Lifetime Achievement Awards

The North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association is excited to announce the first recipients of the NCDCTA Life time Achievement Award. These individuals have displayed years of service to the NCDCTA. 

It is an honor and privilege to work and learn from our first recipient Janine Malone.  Janine continuously provides her knowledge and time to the NCDCTA as she has done since our inception in 1976.

The second recipient is Michele Karwoski.  Michele has supported the North Carolina Dressage community for over 30 years.  Michele has always given of herself and provided the NCDCTA with continuous support.

Lynn Kerin – NCDCTA President

Janine W. Malone

Janine Malone has had a lifelong involvement with horses. She is a USEF “R” Dressage judge, “R” Dressage Sport Horse Breeding judge, “R” Dressage Technical Delegate and a Level 3 FEI Chief Steward for Dressage. She was USDF Region 1 Director from 1996-2001, USDF Secretary for eleven years, and the USEF Vice-President for FEI Affiliates for several years. She previously served several terms on the USEF Board of Directors.  Janine has been an instructor/trainer, has competed and is a graduate “A” Pony Clubber. She organized an FEI-recognized event (CDI Raleigh) for seventeen years, and is owner/manager of a former breeding farm in North Carolina. She received the first USDF “ABIG/USDF Volunteer of the Year” award in 1998 and a USDF Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. Janine received the Sallie Busch Wheeler Trophy for distinguished service to the equine industry from then USEF in recognition of her volunteer work, and in 2016, US Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) awarded Janine a USHJA President's Distinguished Achievement Award, in recognition.

Janine was formerly an Eventing judge, TD and organizer, and she served the U.S. Pony Clubs in various volunteer capacities. On several occasions, she has been a clinician for the USEF Dressage Technical Delegate clinic.

For many years, Janine has been active on several USDF and USEF committees, and is currently or formerly a member of the USEF Dressage Committee, and currently serves as chair of the USEF Competition Management committee and USDF Regional Championships Committee. She also chairs dressage “rules” committees for both USDF and USEF. She is also a board member of the Association of International Dressage Event Organizers (IO). She retired in 2016 from the positions of organizing committee chairman and manager of the US Dressage Finals. 


Janine currently owns and operates Rosinburg Events LLC, which organizes several dressage competitions in North Carolina and (through 2021) Virginia.

Michele Karwoski

Originally raised in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Michele Karwoski moved to Raleigh to open M & M Pet Supplies and Tack in April 1991.  That fall, Michele approached Caroline MacNair, of MacNair’s Country Acres, about taking over the private tack shop building located on the farm.  That was the birth of M & M Tack Shop, first supporting the greater Triangle community and over time, the continental US. In 2022, M&M Tack Shop celebrated 31 years of providing quality service to the equestrian community.

In 1993, Michele started apprenticing with David Young, Master Saddler from England, and in 2002, went to England for certification from the internationally renowned British Society of Master Saddlers. Over the years, she has spent time with some of the world’s elite saddle fitters, including Sherry Belton of Albion, and manufacturers and designers in the equestrian world including Roy Burek of Charles Owen. In 2022, Michele was celebrated with an award for being a Platinum Partner with Ariat International. 

Beyond saddle fitting, Michele expanded both her personal and business’ expertise to include providing custom footwear and apparel, and bridle fitting, along with an ever-growing business embracing the digital world. She has spent decades supporting her customers and community through competition, college team, organization and rider sponsorships and donations, and hosting educational talks and seminars. She looks forward to more opportunities in the future. In her personal life, Michele has competed regionally through 2nd Level and still enjoys a round in the jumper ring.

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