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BOD Meeting Minutes – 2022

December 6, 2022


Lynn Kerin, President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. The meeting was held in person at M&M Tack in Raleigh, NC.  In attendance were Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll, Charlotte Meli, Jessica Brown, Amy Brumbach, Heather Turner,  Emme Johnston, Sarah Bookner and Tonya Bruno. Stephanie Bristol remotely joined. Absent from the meeting were Jennifer Flowers and Alex Martini. Incoming (2023) Board Members in attendance were Ali LaTorre, Erica Pawlak and Donna Orr. Also in attendance were Will Barrus, Membership Secretary and Shannon Hoffman, Newsletter and Social Media Editor. 


Will Barrus is updating HOY and then will work on updating the Calendar. Will asked for help with database management and suggestions for streamlining the process. He is working the Membership blast emails and discussed topics as well as frequency.  Will presented the revised Horse of the Year rules with the changes the Board discussed at the November meeting. Sarah Bookner made a motion to adopt the 2023 HOY Award Program. Helen Ingersoll seconded it and it unanimously passed.


President's Report, Lynn Kerin, welcomed new Board Members and thanked Board Members who would be leaving the Board at the end of 2022. Lynn and Helen Ingersoll represented NCDCTA at the USDF Annual Gala in early December. They both discussed how much they learned about USDF support for our GMO. They got good ideas to carry us into 2023.


Vice President's Report, Helen Ingersoll, Helen sent an invitation to a NCDCTA Google calendar that Board Members need to link to through their NCDCTA email accounts. Helen shared some ideas for improving our Organization and will follow up with them. 


Membership Numbers:

Final 2022 membership numbers as of 12/1/2022


Adult Amateur: 433

Jr/YR: 127

Open: 156

Total Members: 716


Paid Horses: 378

Volunteer Card Horses: 102

Total Horses: 480


Other member information of interest

New Members: 184

Renewing Members: 420

Reactivated Members: 112

Dressage Only: 418

Western Dressage: 72

Dressage & Eventing: 226

Eventing Only: 56

Breeding: 33

Lifetime Members: 6

Trainers: 103

Officials: 24

Treasurers Report, Heather Turner is working through regular numbers and finaliaing Autumn Leaves revenue. 


Competition report, Lynn Kerin (acting), Autumn Leaves went well. Lynn will get the lists out for the 2023 shows. Lynn again reiterated the importance of Board volunteering to help our Shows smoothly run.


Dressage Education, Emme Johnston forwarded the information to Ali LaTorre (incoming Dressage Education Chair) for the Summer clinic. Emme discussed options for using the Volunteer Cards to "pay" for Membership benefits such as discounted clinic participation. Ali LaTorre presented some ideas for educational opportunities for next year. 


Eventing Education Amy Brumbach will be moving to Jr/YR  Eventing. Amy is working on a symposium for July 2023. Amy has secured Daniel Stewart and will be working with Ali LaTorre for the other educational opportunities. Amy and Lynn Kerin are going to Portofino Farm to evaluate that for the Eventing education portions of the symposium.


Eventing Chair Report, Stephanie Bristol has some questions about medals. Stephanie recommended that we stop the WAR Horse ribbons as people generally do not pick them up as WAR Horse puts us at a different table from the main awards. Stephanie also mentioned that she had communicated with some people who were unhappy with the lack of Eventing Coverage in the quarterly Newsletter. Lynn asked that the Eventing Board Members reach out to other Eventers for article ideas. Shannon Hoffman said she would do the same and also put a "call out" on Social Media for the next Newsletter. 


Gala Chair Report, Sarah Bookner, Sarah and Lynn Kerin are going to the Grandover Resort where NCDCTA is having the Gala. Sarah discussed options for ticket prices (to be finalized after the food selections are made) as well as Baskets for raffle prizes.


Jr/YR Chair, Jennifer Flowers, Lynn Kerin complimented Jennifer for doing an excellent job with the shows and events and adding fun things such as the Dog Show. 


New Business: Sarah Bookner put together a media kit suggestion. There was some conversation about website advertising and it was recommended we utilize the most visited pages with most traffic to start. Helen Ingersoll made a motion that we accept the Media Kit that Sarah Bookner put together and Heather Turner seconded it and it unanimously passed.


The issue of the provided tack stall for the Jr/YR Scholarship winners was discussed. Lynn indicated that there were multiple complaints from the Jr/YR about having to share a tack stall with other Jr/YR as they want to be stabled near their Trainers. Jessica Brown made a motion to discontinue the including of a tack stall in the Jr/YR Scholarship Program. Charlotte Meli seconded and it unanimously passed. 


The next meeting will be a Zoom call on January 3, 2023. 


The next in person meeting will be at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro at the Gala time to be determined. This will be an Open Meeting for all Membership.


Lynn Kerin adjourned the meeting at 8:43.


Minutes approved by Board Vote and respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, NCDCTA Recording Secretary 

November 1, 2022


The November 2022 NCDCTA Board Call was held via remote call Tuesday, November 1 and was called to order by President Lynn Kerin at 7:03. Board Members in attendance were: Lynn Kerin, Heather Turner, Jessica Brown, Jennifer Flowers, Emme Johnston, Charlotte Meli, Stephanie Bristol, Sarah Bookner and Tonya Bruno. Absent were Amy Brumbach, Alex Martini and Helen Ingersoll.  Also in attendance was Will Barrus, Membership Secretary. 


Will Barrus Report

Horse of the Year- Will has been working to update our NCDCTA Horse of the Year Program. Some items were voted by the Board at previous meetings and incorporated in the updated Program. There was Board discussion and Will is going to make the changes discussed and put it back to the Board for a Vote.


President's Report, Lynn Kerin USDF Convention is November 30. Lynn and Helen Ingersoll are going. 


VP report, Helen Ingersoll

Current membership numbers for 11/1/2022

Adult Amateur: 433

Jr/YR: 127

Open: 156

Total Members: 716

Paid Horses: 378

Volunteer Card Horses: 102

Total Horses: 480


Treasurer's Report, Heather Turner Profit for Labor of Love was $3,100 and she is awaiting one more bill for CBLM profit total. Taxes were submitted on time.


Communications Report, Alex Martini


Gala Chair Report, Sarah Bookner Sarah is meeting with the Gala venue. She is starting to work on requests for gift baskets for the Gala and working with Jessica Brown (prior Gala chair) to plan.


Education – Dressage, Emme Johnston & Amy Brumbach Emme is going to be working with the new Education Chair who will be taking over the Education position.


Education- Jr/Yr, Jennifer Flowers is sponsoring a Rider Biomechanics clinic in February 2023. Jennifer is working with an instructor who would do a showing clinic for Jr/YR before Labor of Love and a focus of Jr/YR at Labor of Love.


Eventing Report, Stephanie Bristol is organizing WAR Horse ribbons. For people who have not picked them up they will be available at the Gala. 


Competition Report, Lynn Kerin (filling) Lynn still needs more Volunteers for Autumn Leaves. The Autumn Leaves show has 5 full rings. Jennifer Flowers is coordinating a dog show to be held during Autumn Leaves. Lynn Kerin made a motion that for NCDCTA Championships starting in 2023 for Fourth Level and below require riding the two highest tests at each level (Test 2 Saturday and  Test 3 Sunday) Tonya Bruno seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Old Business Sarah Bookner put together a Marketing Kit proposal for Advertising rates for NCDCTA. Lynn tabled the conversation for the December meeting. 


New Business


The next meeting will be in person on December 6, 2022 at M&M Tack in Raleigh.


Lynn Kerin adjourned the meeting at 8:37


Minutes approved by unanimous Board Vote and respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, NCDCTA Recording Secretary 

October 4, 2022


The October 2023 Board meeting was held via Google Meet on Tuesday October 4, 2022. Lynn Kerin called the meeting to order at 7:04. All Board Members were in attendance including: Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll, Heather Turner, Jessica Brown, Jennifer Flowers, Charlotte Meli, Stephanie Bristol, Alex Martini, Emme Johnston, Sarah Bookner, Amy Brumbach and Tonya Bruno. Also in attendance was Will Barrus, Membership Secretary.


Will Barrus Report

Will will have HOY numbers updated next week. He is also working on the Breeder Program.


President's Report, Lynn Kerin

Lynn congratulated Board Member, Amy Brumbach, on her success with her German Riding Pony foal at Dressage at Devon.

Lynn and Helen are going to the USDF Convention in December.


VP report, Helen Ingersoll Membership Numbers:

Current membership numbers for 10/4/2022

Adult Amateur: 433

Jr/YR: 127

Open: 156

Total Members: 716

Paid Horses: 373

Volunteer Card Horses: 102

Total Horses: 475


Treasurer's Report, Heather Turner

Heather has paid all CBLM Award winners as of 10/4/22

Heather is working on our taxes with the Accountant which are due 10/15/2022


Communications Report, Alex Martini

Alex is working on getting articles for our next Newsletter. Lynn had some suggestions for Alex to add to the Newsletter.


Gala Chair Report, Sarah Bookner

Sarah and Lynn are going to the Grandover (location of Gala) allowing Sarah to get donations and other items organized.

Sarah has put together a Marketing Menu of different Advertising opportunities with NCDCTA. She is forwarding to the Board to determine pricing. 


Education – Dressage Emme Johnston and Amy Brumbach

The Jaquie Brooks clinic went very well and will be forwarding financial data from the clinic. Emme is working to get an article written for the Newsletter.Emme has secured a dressage clinician for Summer of 2023.


Amy Brumbach is working on an Education Extravaganza for a variety of education opportunities to cover both Dressage and Eventing. 


Education- Jr/YR Jennifer Flowers

Jennifer went above and beyond with the Jr/YR's at the CBLM and also with the donations of prizes. 

Jennifer is planning on similar projects for Autumn Leaves

Jennifer is bringing in Stephanie Moseley, a rider Biomechanics specialist for a December 


Eventing Report, Stephanie Bristol

Stephanie is working on additional Volunteers for the Eventing position as she will be stepping off the Board in 2023.

WAR horse is scheduled and Stephanie will be handing out additional ribbons.


Competition Report, Lynn Kerin acting Chair

CBLM's were a great success with excellent support from Volunteers.

Lynn requested that Board Members Volunteer at Autumn Leaves November 5 & 6


Old Business

New Business

It was discussed adding Board positions were discussed to fill in needed gaps, specifically a Volunteer Coordinator and a Hospitality Coordinator. Will indicated per the by-laws we can have up to 15 Board Members and it is at the Executive Committee's discretion. Susie Weidman and Donna Kelly are the Board Nominating Committee for 2023.


Stephanie Bristol made a motion to close the meeting at 8:06 and it was seconded by Heather Turner. 


The next Board Meeting will be held remotely Tuesday November 1.


Minutes Respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary

September 13, 2022


NCDCTA Board meeting was held in person at M&M Tack in Raleigh and was called to order at 7:09 by Lynn Kerin. In attendance were Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll, Jessica Brown, Stephanie Bristol, Amy Brumbach, Heather Turner, Charlotte Meli, Alex Martini, Sarah Bookner and Tonya Bruno. Emme Johnston and Jennifer Flowers were absent. Will Barrus and Shannon Hoffman were also in attendance. 


Will Barrus, Membership Secretary, Will discussed our current Horse of the Year (HOY) program and Volunteer cards. Will recommended we set an expiration date on Volunteer cards of 5 years and all outstanding Volunteer cards as of 2022 (with no printed expiration date) will expire in 2027. Tonya Bruno made a motion that the Volunteer cards have an expiration of 5 years with all Volunteer cards expiring in five years. Helen Ingersoll seconded and it was unanimously passed. We discussed various aspects of Volunteer Card value and horse registration costs. Will is going to review neighboring GMO programs and make further recommendations to the Board.


Shannon Hoffman, Newsletter and social media. Shannon presented the information on both FB pages and that we should have both pages to make sure we have reach between both groups. Helen Ingersoll made a motion to rescind the earlier vote to shut down the NCDCTA Community group and Heather Turner seconded it and it unanimously passed. Shannon requested more content for social media and newsletter and made a specific request for Eventing content. The next deadline for Newsletter is October 15. 


President's Report, Lynn Kerin


VP report, Helen Ingersoll, Membership numbers 

Current membership numbers for 9/2/2022

Adult Amateur: 424

Jr/YR: 126

Open: 152

Total Members: 702

Paid Horses: 353

Volunteer Card Horses: 94

Total Horses: 447


Treasurer's Report, Heather Turner discussed current accounts and show expenses and revenue.


Communications Report, Alex Martini Sarah Bookner put together an NCDCTA Marketing Opportunity Menu for sponsorship opportunities for our website, Virtual Newsletter, Show Program and Social Media. Will is going to work with Sarah about the options and demographics.


Gala Chair Report, Sarah Bookner and Lynn Kerin, prizes have been decided for the Gala. They are visiting the venue for preparations. 


Education – Dressage, Amy Brumbach gave report on Jacquie Brooks clinic which was a great success. The feedback from the attendees and auditors was terrific. Amy asked for suggestions for possible clinicians and educational events which the Board discussed in detail. 


Education- Jr/Yr, Jennifer Flowers has organized stall decorating and costume competition with theme "Heroes" at the BLM's. There will be audience judging of mounted costumes during wine and cheese Friday night. Jennifer got prize buckets for BLM's contacts. Lendon Gray is scheduled for April at her Farm and Stephanie Moseley will be conducting a clinic in October 2023.


Eventing Report, Stephanie Bristol has a variety of ribbons that will need to go to storage. The issue of people not picking up ribbons at the WAR Horse events was discussed. Alex suggested the ribbons be set out at the Gala so they are available. 


Competition Report, Lynn Kerin BLM's sponsorships have been arranged by Lynn. Prizes have all been ordered. Competitor swag bag has all been ordered. Lynn requested volunteers for the BLM's.


New Business, Lynn Kerin wants help to empty out, clean and organize the sheds at the Raleigh Fairgrounds.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:10. Tne October and November meetings will be conducted via Zoom with the December meeting to be held on December 6 in person. 


Minutes respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary

August 2, 2022


The NCDCTA August Board meeting held remotely was called to order at 7:02 by Lynn Kerin, President.


In attendance were Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll, Amy Brumbach, Jessica Brown, Sarah Bookner, Stephanie Bristol, Alex Martini, Jennifer Flowers, Emme Johnston and Tonya Bruno. Also in attendance was Will Barrus, Membership Secretary. Absent from the meeting were Charlotte Meli and Heather Turner.


Current membership numbers for 7/5/2022


Adult Amateur: 395

Jr/YR: 116

Open: 136

Total Members: 647


Paid Horses: 315

Volunteer Card Horses: 83

Total Horses: 398


Other member information of interest

New Members: 159

Renewing Members: 404

Reactivated Members: 84

Dressage Only: 361

Western Dressage: 67

Dressage & Eventing: 217

Eventing Only: 54

Breeding: 23

Lifetime Members: 6

Trainers: 90

Officials: 22


Will Barrus opened the meeting by talking about the Membership Secretary roles and responsibilities which primarily include Membership, Competition Recognition (NCDCTA recognized shows, Website maintenance and (HOY) Horse of the Year.) Will currently is a contract employee with 10 hours dedicated to NCDCTA each week. He presented possible changes, upgrades and additions including improving Membership access to data, streamlining the Membership and Registration process and the annual renewals. Will presented proposed hours and the economic impact to NCDCTA for the changes and forwarded a copy to the entire Board for review. 


President's Report, Lynn Kerin continues to serve as Competition Chair and a great deal of her time was spent with that in addition to day to day running of NCDCTA.


Vice President's Report, Helen Ingersoll has finalized a Vendor contract to review with our contract workers. She continues to work on the structure of policies and procedures within the organization.


Treasurer's Report, in Heather Turner's absence Lynn Kerin read Heather's pre-submitted report. Lynn is now on all Wells Fargo accounts which now include a separate Horse Show Account to better keep track of those expenses. The profit made from the Capital Dressage Classic June Show is $3848.


Communications Report, Alex Martini is hoping for help with social media. She would like to have future events (for example, opening dates and closing dates for NCDCTA Shows) put into FB for date reminders. There was discussion about the two Facebook Accounts, one is used for official NCDCTA business and the other is not. Emme Johnston made a motion to deactivate the unofficial account and Stephanie Bristol seconded. It unanimously passed. 

Alex also talked about the development of a media kit for advertising with NCDCTA platforms (website, Newsletter, Shows, Gala.) Alex, Sarah Bookner (Gala Chair) and Lynn Kerin (acting Competition Chair) are going to meet to develop the media kit to present to the Board.


Gala Report, Lynn Kerin is acting Gala Chair and now we have a new Member at Large, Sarah Bookner, who was approved at the July Board meeting. The Gala is scheduled in Greensboro at the Grandover Resort on January 21, 2023. Rooms will be $209 per night. 


Education Report, Emme Johnston. The Jacqueline Brooks clinic for September 10 and 11 and scheduled at Rouxtano Farm in Hillsborough. Applications for demo riders and auditors are coming in for review. A Videographer option was discussed.


Eventing Report, Stephanie Bristol has the next WAR Horse at the end of August. Stephanie will be there to give out ribbons. The Eventing Scholarship has been decided. Stephanie has a new Eventing volunteer who she is meeting with to discuss promoting Eventing to Adult Amateurs.


Jr/YR Report, Jennifer Flowers. Jennifer is going to hold a Jr/YR clinic with Nicole DelGiorno in the Fall. She continues to work with Lendon Gray's Team for a clinic at Jennifer's Farm in the Spring and in the Raleigh area in the Fall. She is spreading the Scholarship availability over several Shows.


Competition Report, Lynn Kerin (acting Chair) is getting everything finalized for Labor of Love. All Board Members are asked to Volunteer at the Show. 


Old Business:

Amy Brumbach presented the finalized NCDCTA Dressage Sport Horse Breeder  HOY program. Jessica Brown made a motion that the Program be accepted, Helen Ingersoll seconded and it passed unanimously.


The next Board meeting will be in person on September 13 at  a place TBD.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 by Lynn Kerin.


Minutes passed by majority Board vote.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary

July 2022 NCDCTA Board Call held remotely July 12, 2022


Called to order at 7:07 by Lynn Kerin, President


All Board Members were in attendance which includes: Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll, Heather Turner, Jessica Brown, Jennifer Flowers, Alex Martini, Stephanie Bristol, Charlotte Meli, Emme Johnston, Amy Brumbach and Tonya Bruno. Will Barrus, Membership Secretary, also attended the meeting. 


Membership Secretary, Will Barrus 

Will is  Updating HOY results which will be done by July 18, 2022. 


Current membership numbers for 7/5/2022


Adult Amateur: 395

Jr/YR: 116

Open: 136

Total Members: 647


Paid Horses: 315

Volunteer Card Horses: 83

Total Horses: 398


New Business: Amy Brumbach, education co-chair,  is heading up the review of the HOY Program and submitted proposed changes to the Board for discussion. Discussion was held within the Board Members regarding the Eventing Award and new Breeding Award Program. Janine Malone, Samantha Kidd and Angie Mirarchi worked with Amy to create an outline for the Breeder HOY Program. Will Barrus and Amy are going to finalize the Program after input from the Board and get to the Board for Vote prior to the August meeting.


President report, Lynn Kerin

Jessica Brown and Lynn Kerin have been working to get final Awards sent to winners.

Charlotte Meli has nametags she will bring to August in person meeting.

Jessica Brown has NCDCTA  stationery that she will bring to the August in person meeting.


VP Report,  Helen Ingersoll

Helen is working on contracts and Scope of Work and behind the scenes conversations with Committee Chairs.


Treasurer's Report, Heather Turner 

Capital Dressage Classic profit of $3582  Lynn Kerin and Heather are going to meet at Wells Fargo to set up a separate account for Shows.


Gala Chair, acting Chair Lynn Kerin

Lynn is setting up the Gala details and is going to meet with a facility in Greensboro which is 1-1/2 hours from a large number of our Members including Charlotte, Raleigh and Southern Pines. Lynn is finalizing details of the Facility for January 21, 2023. Lynn Kerin made a motion to nominate Sarah Bookner to the Board as a Member at Large and Gala Chair. Jennifer Flowers seconded the motion and it unanimously passed.

Lynn has been working with Michele of M&M Tack for prizes. 


Education Committee, Emme Johnston and Amy Brumbach

Dressage, Emme Johnston has arranged a clinic with Jacqueline Brooks. Canadian Olympian, at  Rouxtano Farm in Hillsborough September 10 & 11, 2022


Jr/YR Chair, Jennifer Flowers

Jennifer is working on getting Lendon Gray for 2023 for two D4K trainings one in Raleigh area and one in Charlotte area. Jennifer is working on getting "kids mixers" to getting young people together in fun events at the Labor of Love Show as well as the BLM's 


Eventing Report, Stephanie Bristol WAR Horse June ribbons will be available in August.


Communications Report, Alex Martini would like to get additional help to bolster our social media presence with up to date postings of important dates and announcements.


Competition Report Lynn Kerin acting Chair.

Lynn thanked the Board Members and Volunteers who came to the CDC to make is such a success. She wanted to thank Patti Hildreth and Janine Malone in particular for all of their hard work and energy. 

Lynn and Patti Hildreth are utilizing existing Awards when possible. She is also organizing Awards for BLM's.Lynn asked Jennifer Flowers about a Junior Showcase. Lynn also wants to do an Agility dog show (on leash.) Lynn needs Labor of Love volunteers and requests the Board give availability to work at the Show.


Meeting Adjourned by Lynn Kerin at 8:28

The next meeting  will be an in person meeting held near the Fairgrounds at 7:00 PM. 


Minutes approved by majority vote July 14, 2022.

Respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary

June 3, 2022

Current membership numbers for 6/3/2022


Adult Amateur: 378

Jr/YR: 108

Open: 130

Total Members: 616


Paid Horses: 299

Volunteer Card Horses: 82

Total Horses: 381


President's Report, Lynn Kerin, Lynn gave a recap of the Capital Dressage Classic (see Competition Report.) As both the Competition and Gala Chair positions are open, Lynn will be focusing much of her time on the upcoming shows to include Labor of Love, the Championship Show and the BLM's. She also will be organizing the Gala.


Vice President's Report, Helen Ingersoll. Helen continues to work on the details of contracts with vendors and our special workers as well as the issues with insurance and bonding for the Organization.


Treasurer's Report, Heather Turner. Heather has all of the Wells Fargo accounting passed to her. She is utilizing available services to streamline payment processes such as Zelle and online check payments as there are no fees involved in those services (as there are with PayPal.) We have recommitted as a Bronze Level sponsor to the WAR Horse series. Heather is working on our tax preparation as well as with Lorraine Musselman regarding future timing of  our Organizational audit. 


Competition Chair (Vacant, given by Lynn Kerin) Lynn started the report by thanking Janine Malone who volunteered her experience and energy to help the Capital Dressage Classic run so well. In addition, Board members Stephanie Bristol, Emme Johnston, Helen Ingersoll and Tonya Bruno volunteered their time. Lynn spent four days making sure everything went well and was pleased with the attendance and the facility. Patti Hildreth and Lynn utilized existing prizes for CDC so that did not involve a cash outlay for the Organization. M & M Tack once again generously provided gifts for the Championship Winners. Lynn is working with Patti Hildreth on Prize Lists for upcoming Shows. 


Communication Chair, Alex Martini. Alex asked for photos and stories of interest to be placed on Social Media. As the Newsletter is going forward as a digital forma,t she is working with Shannon Hoffman to determine the best way to develop it as the content and ability to hyperlink to web pages makes it more timely and thorough. Will Barrus provided Alex with a list of people who had volunteered to help with the Newsletter.


Education Chairs, Emme Johnston and Amy Brumbach. Emme Johnston has secured Nick Wagman for a clinic July 22 & 23, 2023. She is also working on another possible clinician in 2023. Lynn and Emme are going to work on a "How to Scribe" clinic for Members as well.


Eventing Chairs, Stephanie Bristow and Rebecca Mahaffey. Stephanie shared that the first WAR Horse Series went well but was very labor intensive as the Carolina Horse Park no longer breaks out who are NCDCTA Members for ribbons. Going forward this will be calculated after the show with NCDCTA Ribbons provided at the Championship or available for pick up at the Gala.


Jr/YR Chair, Jennifer Flowers. Jennifer shared that there were 2 Jr/YR Scholarship participants at the Capital Dressage Classic. Jennifer is holding a clinic with Stephanie Moseley, Biomechanics Riding Instructor, at her Farm and 6 Jr/YR will participate with the balance of the rides being filled by NCDCTA Members. 


New Business:

Will Barrus is forming a Committee to evaluate our HOY Program to include members with expertise in Breeding, Dressage, Eventing and Western Dressage. The Committee will evaluate other HOY Programs against our current model and make recommendations to the Board..


Jessica Brown is getting cardstock notecards and writing paper ordered with the NCDCTA logo as she has an economical source and the Organization only pays the paper costs.


Charlotte Meli has ordered name tags for Board Members to wear at events (such as shows.)


The next NCDCTA Board meeting will be remote and is Scheduled July 12, 2022 at 7:00pm


The next in person Board Meeting will be August 2, 2023 at a location to be determined.


Tonya Bruno made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 and Heather Turner Seconded. 


Minutes respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary

May 3, 2022

Meeting Called to order by Lynn Kerin at 5:59 PM on May 3, 2022

Monthly Meeting and Annual Board Retreat


Board Members in attendance were Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll. Heather Turner, Jessica Brown, Charlotte Meli, Emme Johnston, Amy Brumbach, Alex Martini and Tonya Bruno. Will Barrus also attended. Absent from the meeting were Jennifer Flowers and Rebecca Mahaffey. 


Current membership numbers for 5/2/2022


Adult Amateur: 355

Jr/YR: 99

Open: 119

Total Members: 573


Paid Horses: 274

Volunteer Card Horses: 81

Total Horses: 355


New Business

Lynn Kerin President

The June NCDCTA Show (Capital Dressage Classic) is scheduled for the first weekend of June. Lynn asks that all Board Members commit to attending at least part of the Show. She is going to get with Janine Malone who is helping run the show to determine where Board Member help is needed to determine a schedule of help needed. Charlotte Meli is going to get name tags for our Board Members so we are identifiable to attendees. 


Heather Turner, Treasurer

Heather and Alex Martini (Communication Chair) presented the results of the Membership Survey related to the Newsletter. We had 120 respondents to the Survey from current Members. The results are as follows:

Switching to Digital only, 69% approve

Switching to a Quarterly Newsletter, 92% approve


Alex Martini made a motion to digitally publish the Newsletter on a Quarterly Basis going forward. Heather Turner seconded the Motion and it passed Unanimously with no further discussion. 


May's Newsletter will be the final print Newsletter with quarterly newsletters in February, May, August and November going forward.  Alex and WIll are going to review possible platforms for the digital format that will work with our website.


Stephanie Bristol, Eventing Chair, needs WAR Horse Volunteers to give our ribbons. Will Barrus is providing her with Members who agreed to Volunteer. 

The First WAR Horse is May 14 and 15


Retreat planning:

Helen Ingersoll, Vice President,  reviewed the Guidelines for what is critical for the operation of non profit Boards.


Heather Turner, Treasurer, went through the proposed NCDCTA Fiduciary Responsibility and Fiscal Management policy.


All Board Members are asked to review and send any changes or recommendations to Heather by May 17, 2002. She will then get any revisions out to Board Members to vote at the June 7, 2022 meeting.

Helen Ingersoll then opened conversation into the development of our Mission Statement. After discussion, Helen Ingersoll made a motion to adopt (and Emme Johnston seconded)  the following NCDCTA  Mission Statement:


To educate, promote camaraderie and recognize achievement in Dressage and Eventing. 


The Mission Statement passed on unanimous vote. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 by Lynn Kerin



The North Carolina Dressage & Combined Training Association (NCDCTA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the equestrian sports of dressage and combined training (eventing). Run by volunteers, the association and its members regularly organize and sponsor various activities designed to heighten its members’ and the general public’s knowledge of and appreciation for dressage and combined training.

NCDCTA is a Region 1 Group Member Organization of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF). NCDCTA is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the United States, boasting over 700 members. NCDCTA members range from first-time riders to Olympians.

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