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Labor of Love I

August 31, 2024

Labor of Love II

September 1, 2024

Open: 7/20/24
Close: 8/20/24


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NCDCTA Small Horse
& Pony Series

Rules Governing NCDCTA Championships

  • 1. Horse must be registered for Horse of the Year (HOY). Rider must be an active NCDCTA member in good standing. Horse/rider combination must have at least 1 qualifying HOY score at the level they wish to enter by the closing date of this show. Qualifying scores must be earned at USEF/USDF recognized competitions. Except for Introductory Level, riders, owners and trainers must be current USEF and USDF members or pay non-member fees. USEF non member fee must be paid on USEF website.

  • Qualifying Scores:

Introductory through First Level - 60% or higher

Second through Fourth Levels - 58% or higher

FEI Levels - 55% or higher

Musical Freestyles (FEI & USDF) - 55% or higher

  • Levels offered at the Championships: Intro (Jr, AA, Open); Training through Fourth Levels (Jr, AA & Open); FEI PSG, I-1, I-2 & Grand Prix (Jr/YR, AA, Open); USDF Musical Freestyles (Jr, AA, Open); FEI Musical Freestyles (Jr, AA, Open).

  • Competitors may enter the Championships in anticipation of qualifying, but if the horse/rider team has not qualified by the closing date they shall be placed in the corresponding non-championship class.

  • Qualification for the Championships shall be solely determined by NCDCTA Membership Database. A list of those qualified shall be published on the NCDCTA website.

  • A horse/rider team may qualify at more than one level and all qualified horse/rider teams are permitted to compete in the Championships in consecutive qualified levels.

  • A horse may complete in only one division per level. Horse may be entered in another level (up to one level above or below) in the same or a different division.

  • Winning Horse/Rider teams will be ineligible to win the same level two years in a row, except for Grand Prix and Grand Prix Musical Freestyle.

  • Adult Amateur status shall be determined according to USEF rules.

  • Tests to be ridden at 2024 Championships: Two (2) designated Championship classes – one per day at each level for Introductory through Fourth levels & USEF Musical Freestyles. For USDF Intro, Tests A & B; for USEF levels, tests 2 & 3 of the level; FEI will ride one championship test on one day and these tests will be double judged. Competitors in Grand Prix can choose between the two Grand Prix tests.

  • Championship Scoring: In divisions that require two tests, the two Championship classes must be entered and a score obtained in order to qualify for an award. Winners at each level and division will be determined by averaging the percentage scores for the two rides. In case of a tie, the winner is determined by the highest scoring ride on the second day.

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