2020 CBLM Championships & Harvest Moon Dressage - Program

Show Manager
: Kathy Grisolia (631-338-6340)

Vet: Dr Sally Vivrette (919-622-3681)

Farrier: Joe Purvis (252-822-4723)

EMT: Williamston Fire & Rescue (252-792-3521)



Schooling Schedule

Thursday: Noon to Sundown


Schooling around all arenas - 6:45 – 7:30 AM

                             End of all classes until sundown

Hand walking Only all arenas - 7:30- 7:45 AM

Coliseum Only: Hand walking (time permitting)

                            after Awards Ceremonies and drag.

CBLM Awards Ceremony Schedule

All awards ceremonies will be mounted.  Ribbons need to be picked up before the awards ceremony.  Please place your ribbon securely on the bridle before presenting for the awards ceremony. Please come properly dressed.  Wraps are permitted.  Masks will be mandatory!

Rider participation is be optional but you MUST let us know when picking up your ribbon if you are participating or not!  If you do not pick up your ribbon, it will be assumed you are not coming to the Awards ceremony.

Ceremonies may run quickly so please be at the gathering area ready to go 5 minutes before your Awards Ceremony scheduled time.  We will not wait for you.



Ride Times



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