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BOD Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2024

North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training, January 20, 2024  Board Meeting Agenda held in person at the Annual Gala at the Grandover Resort, Greensboro, NC


Lynn Kerin, President, called the meeting to order at 4:04. In attendance were Lynn Kerin, Helen Ingersoll, Heather Turner, Charlotte Meli, Jessica Brown, Ali Perkins LaTorre, Jennifer Flowers, Amy Brumbach, Erica Pawlak and Mandi Martyn. Sarah Bookner was attending to her Gala responsibilities at the time. 




Will Barrus, Membership Secretary, Will talked to the Membership reiterating that the change of HOY in 2023 created some challenges as to tracking and working through the process. He talked about the goal to improve the website in 2024 and make it accessible to each Member.


Shannon Hoffman, Newsletter, The newsletter deadline is February 1, 2024 and it will be sent out at the end of February. Shannon asked for articles and ideas for the Newsletter.


President’s Report, Lynn Kerin, Lynn shared the USDF Convention notes to the Group from when she and Helen Ingersoll attended the December USDF Meeting. She thanked the Board for their Service and wished everyone well as she steps down as President after this meeting.


Vice President’s Report, Helen Ingersoll read through the Membership numbers which are below:


Current membership numbers for 1/19/2024

Membership numbers are down from this time last year. On 1/20/23 we had 285 members and 158 horses.

Adult Amateur: 144

Jr/YR: 34

Open: 55

Total Members: 233

Paid Horses: 84

Volunteer Card Horses: 26

Total Horses: 110

Other member information of interest

New Members: 36

Renewing Members: 174

Reactivated Members: 23

Dressage Only: 146

Western Dressage: 25

Dressage & Eventing: 68

Eventing Only: 14

Breeding: 12

Lifetime Members: 6

Trainers: 32

Officials: 14


Other Horse Information of Interest

New Horses: 37

Renewing Horses: 66

Reactivated Horses: 7


Treasurer’s Report, Heather Turner brought a printed end of 2023 financials which was available for all of those in attendance. The highlight to mention was that NCDCTA ended the year with $6,150 of profit as opposed to 2022 when we ended the year with a $6,000 loss.


Competition Report, Erica Pawlak went through our 2024 Shows and with the requirement for Management changes who will be Show Managers. Janine Malone, although retired, has graciously agreed to Manage the Capital Dressage Classic. Carol Freleigh is running Autumn Leaves and Erica is finalizing the contracts with the Show Mangers to run Labor of Love and Harvest Moon/CBLM. 

Erica noted that USDF has increased the Opportunity classes available for Level 2 Shows.

There is a January 22 Facebook online meeting for possible Volunteers to help with different Show responsibilities. 

Erica also revised the NCDCTA Media Kit to include a mission statement and expanded the Sponsorship opportunities. This will be reviewed and discussed by the Board.


Gala Report, Sarah Bookner As we were there to attend the Gala there was no report from Sarah. 


Education/Dressage Senior, Ali Perkins LaTorre Ali has two clinics firmly scheduled for 2024.  The first is April 22-24 for Lendon Gray Youth clinic and a Biomechanics Clinic July 19-21 with Jillian Kreinbring. Ali is also planning a mounted Trainer’s Conference.


Education/Dressage Junior/YR, Jennifer Flowers and Mandi Martyn will be working on clinics for Jr/YR and also a survey to better determine what is important to them. 

Eventing, Amy Brumbach is working on 2 eventing clinics for 2024. One will be a “Fix-A-Test” type clinic and the other a traditional three day eventing clinic. She is also working with Ali Perkins LaTorre on the 2025 Equine Festival. 


New Business, Amy Brumbach discussed the Scholarship Committee which will be put together for all of the NCDCTA Scholarships. This Committee will serve under a Board Member but will be non-Board positions of Dressage and Eventing representatives. They will use the rubric created by Mandi Martyn. 


Old Business

Discussion by Members. The ongoing desire to improve NCDCTA with an emphases on Eventing.

The Board Meeting ended at 4:35 but was not adjourned until 6:45 when the 2024 Slate of 


Officers were approved by Membership. 


The 2024 slate of officers is:

Helen Ingersoll, President

Amy Brumbach, Vice President

Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary

Heather Turner, Treasurer

Heather Hamilton Boyer, Member  at Large

Charlotte Meli, Member at Large

Ellie Balakrishnan, Member at Large, Gala

Erica Pawlak, Competition

Ali Perkins Latorre, Education Dressage

Sarah Bookner, Communications

Jennifer Flowers , co-Chair Jr/YR Education

and Mandi Martyn, co-Chairs Jr/YR Education 

Alex Martini, co-Chair Eventing

Melanie Harper, co-Chair Eventing 


The next meeting will be held via video conference on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. 


Minutes respectfully submitted by Tonya Bruno, Recording Secretary and passed by unanimous vote. 



The North Carolina Dressage & Combined Training Association (NCDCTA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the equestrian sports of dressage and combined training (eventing). Run by volunteers, the association and its members regularly organize and sponsor various activities designed to heighten its members’ and the general public’s knowledge of and appreciation for dressage and combined training.

NCDCTA is a Region 1 Group Member Organization of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF). NCDCTA is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the United States, boasting over 700 members. NCDCTA members range from first-time riders to Olympians.

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