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Since NCDCTA was organized in 1976, membership numbers and horse registration numbers have been on a dual track. Both started with number one, two, etc. A rider (Jane Rider) could be assigned number 1305, and a horse (Four-On-The-Floor) could be assigned the same number. Our new membership management system won't allow for this dual number track. In an effort to disrupt things as little as possible NCDCTA is making a slight modification to our membership and horse registration numbering systems. Going forward, membership and horse registration numbers will be five digits long. Membership numbers will be preceded by the letter "M" and horse registration numbers will be preceded by the letter "H".

Roy Rogers - #2 will now be M0002
Trigger - #2 will now be H0002

Lone Ranger - #1335 will now be M1335
Silver - #1335 will now be H1335

If you have any questions about your membership or horse registration numbers please feel free to email the Membership Secretary at

Date Correction - Jeremy Steinberg Clinic - May 20 & 21

Movin’ On Up (Through the Levels) with Jeremy Steinberg

Jeremy Steinberg, based out of Del Mar CA, was the USEF National Dressage Youth Coach from 2010-2014 and was a co-presenter at the 2011 Adequan/USDF National Dressage Symposium. He has trained many horses to Grand Prix and won numerous Regional Championships from Training Level to Grand Prix, competed in the National Championships, and in the US League Final for the World Cup. Jeremy shares his knowledge and philosophy in numerous articles. He was a Between the Rounds Columnist for The Chronical of the Horse, and has written articles for USDF Connection and Dressage Today. He is in high demand as a clinician, averaging about 48 clinics/year. We are very fortunate to have Jeremy as our 2017 Symposium clinician. Click here for forms and to read more...

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